Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Cover Sheet

Bond Issue 2

#4 Winningham, Cedarspur & Burkhart (East of Voss) Pavement & Utility Improvements

Letters/Communication To Residents:



Engineer: Binkley & Barfield

Notice to Proceed Date: June 6, 2022

Contract Award Date: April 26, 2022, MetroCity, LLC.

Estimated Completion Date: April 2023

Contract Amount: $1,365,593.00

#5 Cedarspur (West of Bingle), Burkhart (East of Bingle) Pavement & Utility Improvements

Updates/Letters To Residents

Initial Letter to Residents

Bore Hole Locations for Street Base Determination

Engineer: Gessner Engineering

Project Status: 

Town Hall Meeting: TBD

Notice to Proceed Date:  TBD

Contract Award Date: 

Estimated Start Date:  

Contract Amount: 

#6 Brighton Place (Winningham Lane; Burkhart Circle; Burkhart Court; Pech Rd.; Cedarspur Dr.; Krist Dr.) Pavement & Utility Improvements

Updates/Letters To Residents:

Engineer: CobbFendley

Project Status: Construction Design Phase at ~60%, 100% Design expected August 2023

Town Hall Meeting: TBD

Notice to Proceed Date: TBD

Contract Award Date: TBD

Estimated Start Date: 2024

Contract Amount:

New Production Water Well

Letters to residents

36 Hour Development Letter

Contract Awarded: W.W. Payton

Contract Award Date: March 26, 2019

Project Estimated Completion Date: July 2021

Project Status: COMPLETE

Contract Award Budget: $3,150,000.00

Contract Information

#2 Loeser, Traweek, Lone Star, & West Tex Pavement & Utility Improvements

Planned Water Outage

Contractor to Work May 29, 2021

Updated Project Plans

Letter to Residents 20210511

Phasing 1


Letters To Residents 20191018

Letter to Residents for Cleaning & CCTV Sewer Line

Brochure to Residents for Sewer Line Cleaning & CCTV

Construction Letter 20201201 

Engineer: IDS Engineering Group

Notice to Proceed Date:  May 10, 2021

Contract Award Date: December 15, 2020, Conrad Construction

Project Completion Date: April - May 2022

Project Status: COMPLETE

Contract Amount: $2,837,491.00

#3 Green Valley and Winningham (West) Pavement & Utility Improvements

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Construction Letter 20201014

Construction Letter 20200727

Letters To Residents: CCTV

Contractor Info on Sewer Cleaning

Smoke Testing Letter

Smoke Testing Door Knocker

Video of the smoke testing process:

Construction Communication

Engineer: Gessner Engineering

Notice To Proceed Date: October 26, 2020

Contract Award Date: August 25, 2020, Conrad Construction Company 

Estimated Completion Date: June 2021

Project Status: COMPLETE

Contract Amount: $1,095,283