City Secretary

The City Secretary is appointed by City Council. The current City Secretary is Jasmin Torres. Ms. Torres was appointed to the position in April 2022.

The City Secretary’s duties include:

 Posting all meeting agendas

 Recording minutes for all City Council meetings

 Maintaining all ordinances and resolutions

 Custodian of all official records of the City​

​Serving as the Records Management Officer, including administering the City's Records Retention Plan, creating and filing active records, storing inactive records, imaging, purging, and preserving records

 Receiving and handling Public Information Requests

 Holding and maintaining the City Seal

 Public Information Officer for the City

 Receive and secure sealed bids

 Election official, overseeing candidates and City elections

 Organize special events and ceremonies for the Council

 Handle all park facility, special event, and meeting room reservation requests

 Additional duties as requested by the Mayor and City Council